DYNAMIC CBD OIL 2000mg (20%)


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DYNAMIC CBD OIL 2000mg (20%)

Dynamic CBD Oil is made in the UK using the finest quality CBD derived from EU Hemp infused in Organic Hemp Seed Oil. All Dynamic CBD oils contain no THC and are not psychoactive. This bottle contains 2000mg in a 10ml bottle, making it 20% strength

About Dynamic CBD:


There are only two ingredients in Dynamic CBD Oil:

  • Cannabis Extract (CBD)
  • Organic Hemp Seed Oil

Dynamic CBD believe CBD Oil should be kept 100% natural and simple.

For this reason they never add any flavourings or additional ingredients that are not needed.

Please note: All of our CBD Products contain either no THC at all, or trace amounts below 0.2% in accordance with UK laws and legislations. This product is not marketed to, or intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease.​​​​​​​

Directions For Use:

Shake well before use. Place 2-8 Drops under the tongue and hold it there for approx 60 seconds then swallow. Use 1-4 times daily as needed. Do not exceed 200mg of CBD per day.

Please Note: This oil can not be vaped. It is intended for oral use only.