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CBDEAZE E-Liquids 750mg

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Many people are making the switch to vaping CBD from either traditional smoking or as an alternative to vaping nicotine. CBD vape juice is developed and intended to be used in any normal E-Cig Vape devices. The extract of CBD is derived from the hemp plant and unlike cannabis contains less than 0.2% THC so will not ‘get you high’. Scientific publications dating back centuries document the benefits of the hemp plant and cannabinoids such as CBD for numerous applications.


CBDeaze is manufactured in the UK in their very own ISO 5 clean room. They only use 100% organic CBD crystals, which are then uniquely formulated in the lab to create a great CBD E-Liquid with 200mg per 10ml. CBD Eaze passion is about creating the ultimate vaping experience. This is why CBD Eaze constantly work on innovating cannabidiol e-liquid by building relationships with some of the world’s leading scientists as well as doing our own research and running numerous tests to ensure your safety.

CBD Eaze 750mg (7.5%) is Available in a selection of great flavours.

Ingredients: 50% Vegetable glycerin, 50% propylene glycol, natural flavouring, 1000mg of organic cannabidiol

Please note: All of our CBD Products contain either no THC at all, or trace amounts below 0.2% in accordance with UK laws and legislations. This product is not marketed to, or intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease.​​​​​​​

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