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Pocket sized. Safest method. Shortest time possible. Incredibly simple. No heat source needed.

There are many ways to make plant oil. The Honey Bee Extractor is definitely one of the simplest devices to use for this process. It''s so easy to use and makes total sense.

In order to extract the resins off your plant material you need to use a solvent.

Butane is the best solvent for making plant oil and is commonly used by professionals. It is recommended that you use Butane with the Honey Bee Extractor.

The trickiest part of using a solvent to extract resins is removing it from your plant material. Most methods involve burning the solvent off and this has complications. One problem is that if you leave it slightly too long before you burn it off, you'll remove some undesirable substances like chlorophyll and waxes. This affects the quality of your plant oil. Another problem is the fire risk when burning chemicals.

This is where the Honey Bee Extractor comes in:

Made from Space Age Chemically Resistant plastics ' the Honey Bee is far superior and much safer than any homemade attempt.

It is an extra thick plastic tube with a hole in one end and a screw-on cap with five tiny holes on the other end. Filters are also included.

The Honey Bee Extractor eliminates the need for burning and you don't have to get obsessed with timing. Your plant mix goes straight inside the Honey Bee Extractor. The Butane passes through it and comes out the other side, taking all the plant residue with it.

Colours will vary

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