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The Motar Coilless Wax Atomizer from Longmada is a cutting-edge wax atomizer that incorporates a unique coil-less design to deliver thick on demand vapor that is packed with delicious flavor.

Longmada's Motar attachment does heat up using a coil element, however it is embedded beneath the glass quartz heating chamber so your material never comes in direct contact with it. From start to finish your waxy concentrates only touch the premium glass quartz construction, resulting in unmatched natural flavor.

This innovative device was designed for easy sessions on the go using massive amounts of material. The glass heating dish is wide and deep, offering enough room to pack in quite a lot of material at a time. The element itself is also manufactured to support an output within the range of 30-45W, leaving you with a powerful atomizer that will rip through those larger slabs of wax with ease.

The unique glass quartz atomizer also sports a threaded connection system that ensures you are able to simply replace it once it burns out rather than buying a new cartridge. When that time eventually comes you can easily remove the installed dish using just two fingers and replace it with a new one, ready to vape in just seconds.

After heating your thick concentrates, your vapor will collect in the heavy duty pure glass top cap where it will cool and diffuse before inhaling. This cap is manufactured with a long extended glass mouthpiece that will give your vapor more time to cool before reaching your lungs, resulting in a smooth vapor quality that is quite easy on the lungs.

On the bottom of the Motar Wax Cartridge there is a 510 thread stainless steel atomizer base with 510 thread connection that makes it compatible with most standard size box mods and batteries on the market. This base also comes equipped with a functioning heat sink system that prevents heat transfer and ultimately allows you to enjoy long vape sessions without the Motar quickly becoming too hot to touch.

Features & Specs
Advanced 510 Thread Wax Heating Attachment
Innovative Coil-less Design Delivers Amazing Flavor
Element Embedded Beneath Glass Quartz Dish: Wax Never Contacts Metal
High Grade Pure Glass Construction with Stainless Base
Detaches Into Three Separate Sections for Easy Cleanings
Removable Threaded Atomizer System
Designed for High Output Use: Optimal Results Within 30-45W
Heavy Duty Glass Top Cap with Long Extended Mouthpiece
22mm Stainless Steel Base with Built-in Heat Sink for Long Sessions
1 x Glass Top Cap with Long Mouthpiece
1 x 22mm Atomizer Base
1 x Glass Quartz Heating Dish
1 x Packing Tool

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