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This three-piece aluminum grinder looks like a real Pokeball. With this ball grinder you can not catch a Pokemon, but you can grind your cannabis or tobacco into poke dust! This ball crusher is a must have for the real Pokemon fans. The sharp aluminium teeth grind your weed in no time.

The grinder consists of three parts. The outer parts of the ball are held together by a magnet. The middle part contains a pollen sieve that can be loosened. At the bottom of the ball is a collection tray for your pokedust / crystals. An important detail of the Poke Crusher is that the bottom of the ball is flat, so that it remains standing and does not roll off the table.

Pokemon Go Grinder

  • Material: Aluminum on the inside, Hard plastic on the outside.
  • Comes with a sturdy protective box.
  • Consist of three parts.
  • Contains a pollen sieve
  • Diameter: 40mm.
  • Color: Red and white.