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Elf Bar Flavours
The Elf Bar 600 disposable pod devices are available in a wide range of premium authentic flavours, you’re sure to find a flavour you’ll fall in love with! Each Elf Bar comes pre-filled with 20mg nicotine salt at a 50PG / 50VG ratio which can be vaped and enjoyed straight away.

Catering for all flavour preferences with excellent ice and menthol flavours including Cotton Candy Ice, Mango Milk Ice and Banana Ice, alongside mouth-watering fruit flavours such as Blueberry, Mango and watermelon with dessert flavours such as Strawberry Ice Cream.

Apple Peach - Freshly harvested red and green apples blended with succulent peaches to crate a mouth-watering fruity vape. 

Banana Ice - Rich and creamy banana flavour with a delicately placed icy menthol topping to create a refreshingly unique flavour.  

Blueberry - Freshest blueberries handpicked from the blueberry bush. 

Blue Razz Lemonade - Freshly picked blue raspberries added to a thirst quenching base of fizzy lemonade for a mouth-watering vape. 

Coconut Melon - Succulent slices of fresh melon combined with chucks of coconuts, topped with coconut milk topping. 

Cola - Collection of fizzy cola bottles to tantalise your taste buds.

Cotton Candy Ice - Fairground cotton candy delight, topped with an additional layer icy menthol to create a truly satisfying vape.

Grape - Infusion of red and green grapes to create a fruity combination of grape flavours to treat your taste buds. 

Lychee Ice - Mouth watering combination of tropical lychee fruit, layered with a cool icy hit for a pleasant all round vape. 

Mango - True combination of juicy tropical mango to create a fresh, mouth watering vape. 

Mango Milk Ice - Creamy blend of tropical mango added to a sweet milkshake base to create a sweet and smooth mango e-liquid.

Pink Lemonade - Combining both sweet and sour flavours from the traditional pink lemonade summers drink to quench your thirst. 

Pineapple Peach Mango - Triple combination of fresh pineapple chunks, juicy peaches and tropical mango.

Red Bull Ice - Creating the fizzy and fruity combination of the energy drink loved by all with added icy menthol to create a refreshingly cool vape. 

Spearmint - With notes similar to spearmint gum, this palette cleansing flavour provides fresh menthol flavour that isn't as harsh as peppermint. 

Strawberry Ice - A light, sweet blend of freshly picked strawberries with an added to the bold fruity flavour. 

Strawberry Banana - Fruity combination of freshly picked strawberry and ripened bananas to create a fruit mixture you're used to. 

Strawberry Ice Cream - For the dessert lovers! Fresh sweetened strawberries mixed with mouth-watering vanilla ice cream.

Watermelon - Ripe tropical watermelon served on its own to create a fruit flavour sure to treat your taste buds! 


      Elf Bar disposable vape kits are pocket-friendly, lightweight and perfect for those looking to quit smoking without the need to purchase a vape kit, e-liquids or additional coils.

      More About Elf Bar

      Founded in 2018, Elf Bar have been providing the innovated disposable kits, providing a safer alternative to those looking to quit smoking. Each Elf Bar is pre-filled with mouth-watering e-liquid with a full range of flavours available at Royal Flush Vape.

      With an internal 550mAh battery and pre-filled 2ml pod, each Elf Bar provides up to 600 puffs with precise airflow, working alongside set 9W output to provide excellent flavour every time.

      With no buttons or controls, the Elf Bar provides simplicity whilst also eliminating the worry of changing coil, filling with e-liquid or charging the device. The core simplicity of the Elf Bar is perfect for those wanting to quit smoking or for a day/night out without hassle.

      By replicating the draw of a cigarette with its Mouth To Lung (MTL) design, alongside each Elf Bar coming pre-filled with 20mg nicotine salt, the device delivers mouth-watering flavour alongside a satisfying nicotine hit.